Hopefully this is becoming a trend

Via Urban Velo, I see that Keen is adapting some more of their shoes for bike use:

(Please note: video may offend those with knee-jerk dislike for west-coast outdoorsy dude speak)

I like to see this. I think a lot of Keen shoes are kind of ugly hulking clompy things, but there were always a few that were kind of nice. So when I first heard they made a bike shoe, I looked on their web site, and it was this hideous sandal. Disappointing, because I really like riding with clipless pedals, but there are so few shoes that look like anything I’d want to be seen walking around in. But the shoes they’re adding SPD compatibility to are decent, low-key casual affairs.

Interestingly, they’re making another shoe bike-friendly by stiffening the sole in certain spots without making it take cleats. I know there are existing shoes designed for casual flat-pedal cycling, but I’ve never tried any of them out.

Anyway: It’s not such a shocker to see this coming from a company firmly in the outdoorsy market, but it’s still nice to see a non-bike-specific brand making bike shoes. Both because it’s probably an indication cycling as transportation is thriving, and because it might signal a future that allows me a choice of reasonably good-looking clicky shoes.